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my triton cara is under warranty just bought 4rth Jan. 2018

Complaint against Triton Showers

Showercare benefits; if triton shower failed due to mechanical or electrical defect will have a peace of mind knowing that the repair bill will be covered by showercare. SHOWERCARE will help take stress out of finding a reputable local plumber/electrician who may not be familiar with the triton shower range. THIS IS WHAT MENTIONED FOR THE WARRANTY BENEFITS. AND I BOUGHT THE UNIT FOR £56.70 AND CHARGE FOR £82.00 FOR SERVICE. WHICH IS THEY DO NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. MY SHOWER IS NOT WORKING STILL....REALLY SO STRESS! THE ENGINEER SAYS THAT I NEED A ELECTRICIAN THAT'S IT! ONLY IF THEY MAKE IT WORK I DON'T MIND PAYING THAT AMOUNT AS LONG AS IT IS WORKING. AND I CAN USE MY UNIT. BAD DAYS..... HOPE TRITON COMPANY DEALT WITH MY ISSUES BECAUSE I AM ONLY A WORKING DAD EARNING IN A MINIMUM WAGE IT IS A LOT OF MONEY FOR ME TO LOOSE.

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