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Steve Price


Triton Shower Power PCB Fault

Complaint against Triton Showers

So I've been doing some alterations to my Bungalow and have been in the garden doing some ground work before an excavator turns up tomorrow to start the footings for an extension. Completely exhausted and filthy I climbed into the shower, to find out there's only cold water. I thought no problem Triton are only a few miles away and the shower is 10 months old so covered under warranty. Unfortunately Triton couldn't send an Engineer today but sometime tomorrow, not much good for me. As an electrical Engineer I thought I know, I will buy a new shower complete and repair the old one using parts from the new one. Happy days 45 min later I had a lovely hot shower. I rang Triton told them not to bother sending an Engineer as I had found the fault and the shower was working, I asked them if they could send me a new Power PCB for my new shower as that was the faulty component, their reply was that because I had carried out the repair I had invalidated the warranty and they could only sell me a new PCB. I will repair the PCB and keep it as a spare but I wouldn't recommend a Triton because modern day electronics shouldn't fail so soon, makes me wonder about their technical ability and their quality control. The last shower was a Redring which lasted 14 years and wasn't broken when I replaced it.

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