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Ummeh's complaint against Indesit

Ummeh Bolaky


Indesit oven door exploded

Complaint against Indesit

My 4 year old daughter and myself (pregnant) narrowly escaped being seriously injured when our Indesit oven door exploded. The glass shattered and flew across the kitchen and could be found even on my kitchen worktop opposite. I contacted Indesit to ask why we have not been informed about other similar issues given how dangerous it could have been. The person I spoke to kept on saying they cannot discuss other people's appliances. Despite the fact that they are sending an engineer to have a look tomorrowx I am seriously concerned that if it has happened to a few people, there must be a fault in the model itself as one would not expect the oven door ot just explode. This is something that needs to be investigated.

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Ummeh Bolaky | | VERIFIED

Had the glass replaced. I did raise my concern with the company and said that customers need to be informed as there have been so many cases. I am not satisfied with the reply as they said 'they cannot comment on other customers' appliances'. This should have been investigated and customers at least informed.
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