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Jenny's complaint against Indesit

Jenny Harrison


Exploding cooker doors

Complaint against Indesit

On April 13th the upper door of my Indesit double oven exploded when I was out, cooker cold, unused for week. On Wednesday this week the lower door exploded when in use, covering me, the kitchen floor and worktops in thousands of pieces of battered glass. When are Indesit going to do something about this danger. No one was hurt this time, but if I had been nearer I could so easily have been blinded. And what about babies, children and the frail elderly? I feel the next step is to go to the press and to Trading Standards because it is obvious nothing will be done until serious injury happens Curry's helped me get the top door replaced in April and I have already been promised an engineer visit this time and perhaps a new cooker. I most certainly do not want an indesit. I have heard this week of another incident locally. How many more? The engineer who visited in April was clear that the problem is with the glass and not the consumer.

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