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Terina's complaint against ASDA

Terina Austen


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Complaint against ASDA

After having my shopping delivered on Wednesday I realised a lot of items were missing. I phoned the number on my delivery sheet hoping they could contact the driver and he could return with the items. Should have been easy but no! Call answered by a lady in South Africa! Who insisted on calling me Mam. She said she would deal with the matter, after waiting ages she said she could not contact the driver as she did not have his number She listed all the things that were missing and wished me a good evening! I asked for someone from the store to phone me. Next day, Thursday someone from South Africa phoned, I said I wanted to speak to someone from the store and I would deal with it myself. After calling Asda Highbrige they only had half of my missing items listed! They were sent out that evening. The rest promised to be sent out the next evening Friday. They didn't arrive! I phoned again and had not been put out for delivery... Eventully they arrived Sunday evening the driver admitted there was an item missing a book of postage stamps. I asked for it to be refunded as could not cope with anymore phone calls . All this could have been avoided if it had been a call to a U.K. Number. I have been a Asda customer for many years but after this never again

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