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Hayley's complaint against ASDA

Hayley bayes


3rd birthday ruined

Complaint against ASDA

I ordered a trampoline online to be delivered on 26/9/15. Only 1 of the 2 boxes that the trampoline came in arrived. I called customer service and was told the supplier didn't have the 2nd box in stock. At that point I asked for a manager and was told that one would call back within 4 hours. After almost 7 hours and 2 more calls to customer service later. A supervisor called back. It had been explained to him that the trampoline was my sons birthday gift for the following day. I then said that I was annoyed at the fact that it had taken so long for management to contact me, that the funds had been taken from my account etc and my son has no trampoline for his birthday. I also explain that if one could be sourced from a store that I would go and collect it myself. The supervisor informed me that although he understood my upset at what had happened and my son would be without his present that my solution was not possible. He also informed me that the 2nd box was still at the carrier depot as they had not had the capacity to deliver both boxes.hd then said that the 2nd box would arrive during the week from Monday onwards but could not confirm an actual date. To add insult to injury he then said I would be sent a 20 pound e voucher for Asda online as a way of compensating me. I am absolutely disgusted with the way this situation has been dealt with and just want the trampoline that I have payed for. If Asda could have resolved the issue in time for my sons birthday I would have accepted that. As Asda refused to help find a solution and I have no idea when this item will arrive I feel that a 20 pound e voucher is not acceptable. I am now asking for a delivery date and compensation to reflect the situation I have been left in even after offering to collect the item if it could be sourced. Thank you Asda for ruining my sons 3rd birthday.

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