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Tracey's complaint against ASDA

Tracey Smith


A absolute disgrace and heartless company

Complaint against ASDA

Where do I start ... what a disgrace of a arrive. It’s a long winded story that needs to be told so here we go. My Mother who I will add so people can understand why I am so angry, is extremely poorly and has just come out of hospital after major surgery who is also house bound because of her condition (cancer). I feel so bad as I advised her to register on Asda for a home delivery as she had no food at home and unfortunately I live very far away from her and was travelling up to her at the weekend. She registered online and ordered a shop to be delivered on the Tuesday at 3 pm next day. 3pm came and no delivery. My mother phoned them several times to be told her shopping would be redelivered on the Wednesday at 3pm but to no surprise it never arrived, after more called by my mother they said it would be delivered by 9pm Wednesday evening, but what a surprise it never arrived. I had no idea this had happened until my mother called me Thursday morning to tell me what had happened, and that she had been living on dry crackers for two days. As you can imagine I was not happy. I called them at 8am Thursday morning to be told that they would try and deliver by 1pm that day and said how sorry they were but they were short of drivers.... this is not my mothers fault or a good enough excuse. No call was ever made by Asda to my poor mother who I must add by this point was very upset and hungry. I was advised that someone would call my mother by 2pm and what a surprise no one called. So once again I called them to be told her food was on a van for delivery and the person who was to call her was the delivery guy., what a joke. No one called and her shopping turned up at 8pm in the evening and guess what... half the shopping was missing. She day three and with them even knowing my mothers predicament they delivered only half the shopping. So I called again to with all the sorry’s and they would refund her for the items missing which I have to say were the most important things, and that they would offer my mum a £10 good will gesture... well you can imagine by this time I was not best please. This service is the most dreadful and discussing service I have ever know. Taking into account on the 6th call made by mother she felt the need to explain her predicament and that she was poorly and house bound and had no food they still did not show any empathy or understanding and still failed to provide a service that they should have provided. No call to apologise to my mother or myself. All I can say is the BBC would love this story and also the papers so I think they need to pull their fingers out and do what is right. Please do not use this service it’s a joke. I really hope no one has to go through what my mother has encountered.

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