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Dee's complaint against ASDA



Appalling delivery

Complaint against ASDA

I am absolutely disgusted with the way asda treats it’s disabled  and usally shop at morrisons but when I’m in a bad way I have to do a online shop with asda.evey time I order I have replacements due to the staff to lazy to shop properly for the customers. Last fortnight I ordered a piece of pork priced at £3.00 I got a replacement piece costing £6.00 and was expected to pay the £6.00 disgusting. Then to top it off I paid for my shopping to arrive between 1.00 and 4.00 on 25th july so made arrangements to take my kids out at 5.00. I had to cancel my kids going out as my shopping didn’t arrive till nearly 2 hours later.when I phoned at 5.00 it hadn’t even left the shop. The driver rudely got out and said you don’t look happy….well no your 2hours late.he then said some customers orders are 4hours late and some may not get there shopping so think yourself lucky….I’m damn well sure my kids aged 13/ 4 and grandson of 2 years thought themselves lucky as I had to cancel there fun for the evening.i then looked at the sheet and so many replacements more than normal but one in particular tipped me over boiling point.i wanted a pack of 6 frube yogurts for my kids I had a replacement of one large pot of low fat yogurt. How is that a suitable I told the bloke to take shopping back fumeing. I’ve been back on phone today tuesday 26th with bank and asda trying to get money back so I can go do a shop to be told asda have to give me a code to release the funds from bank and asda reckon they can’t give me bank can’t release funds till 3rd August. Great so my kids got to go without food till then. So they missed out on going out last night now miss out on food bits. I’m disgusted with the way asda treats it’s customers I usually spend loads fitting my kids all out with uniform and shopping.well I won’t be returning to asda and I definitely won’t be recommending them either.fumeing is an understatement

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