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Faye's complaint against ASDA

Faye Johnson



Complaint against ASDA

After going in to the asda store in Bletchley this morning I got told to leave all I was doing was buying some stamps over the cigarette counter I wonted to pay a bill as well but the other lady who wasn't serving me said to me that the machine does work but not for you after her saying that I finished off paying the other lady for the stamps and I said to the other lady dont talk to me like that then the security officer told me to leave the store now because of this im now banned this whole experience was stupid I was only wonted to be in there for half an hour and then leave but now I've been banned for something as stupid as this its ridiculous and I don't see why it should of happened in the first place I did not need a snarky comment like that coming from one of the sales advisers in the store but because the security officer said to me he didn't hear what she said im now banned I knew I was right in the first place I knew I had done nothing wrong but all of this is just stupid the security officer then pushed me out of the store and told me that I was no longer welcome he then said if you approach this store again i will have you arrested I don't understand why this has happened and im still shocked by the whole experience when to me all I was going to do was a little bit of shopping and then come home

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