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Paige's complaint against ASDA

Paige Worrall


Asda Cafe, Hyde,Cheshire

Complaint against ASDA

Visited this cafe a few times before when with my little boy shopping, never an issue. Today my visit was really, really disappointing. There was hardly any of the menu available (my son wanted sausage, chips and beans) and we were told there were no beans however there were two large gastronomes full on the kitchen counter in plain sight, when I asked I was told these were for tomorrow? Anyway when I asked what you did have I was told chips, that's pretty much it. So I ordered a standard chips for me and small one for my son. My chips were burnt but my sons were fine (mine were re-fried hot holded chips and his were fresh.) I found this annoying but my sons were okay so I didn't cause a fuss about it. I then started watching your employees in the cafe and noticed a number of things pretty disgusting about the way the kitchen operates. A box of raw bacon was sat out on the side the whole time I was sat there 30/40 mins, no red board underneath it. Gravy and bean jugs were just left soaking in water and detergent inside the glass heated display cabinet. The seating area was a total mess but it's the food safety I have an issue with. Sincerely, Paige, Trained chef.

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