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Nushin's complaint against ASDA



ASDA refuses UK residence permit as ID

Complaint against ASDA

My husband was buying mulled wine and was asked for ID by staff. She accepted his UK driving licence then asked me for my ID. I gave her my UK residence permit, which is official ID with a photo and my date of birth. Bearing in mind that I was not the one buying the item and that my ID proved my legal age, this lady decided to be incredibly difficult and refuse this form of identification. The manager was then called and told that there was a couple and one of us didn't have the correct form of ID. When she looked at my ID she said it was acceptable and asked to see my husband's as she knew that her staff had rejected one of our ID's. After realising that his was a UK license she suddenly changed her mind (not wanting to go against her staff) and said she was no longer sure about my ID. She went to get a folder and said that the residence card was not on their list of guidelines for acceptable identification when only a minute before she saw nothing wrong with it. Other customers forced to wait behind us in the queue could not understand why they would refuse this ID and all for a lousey bottle of mulled wine. It seems ASDA expects non U.K. residents to carry around their passports to go shopping, this is ridiculous and it is discrimination! No other supermarkets, shops, bars or clubs have ever refused this ID. What a joke ASDA!

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