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Gaelle's complaint against ASDA

Gaelle Raissa


Asda should be banned from doing home delivery

Complaint against ASDA

If there was a minus 0 star i would give it. Lengthy story, but bottom line is they should stop online delivery if they aren't going to fulfill it right. Many people depend on it because it's one of the cheapest online groceries shop and it's not fair that they let us down so much! to be honest, i'd rather pay a bit more now and have piece of mind. It's too stressful to have to chase them when they mess up with your account. My ordeal started in April, where like (i see now) many other people here, i was left without baby food/nappies, needed supplies. 6pm, I got a message that my order was on way. It never arrived. but they had taken the money out of my account and I was out of home the following day. after hours on the phone with cust service I asked for the order to be delivered the day after. what they did was cancel the first order and put a new order through. which didn't work because I has insufficient funds on my account (do they think we just have a pile of money they can be taking from any time they wish @[email protected]?). So as it didn't go through and was cancelled, I actually didn't receive anything and had to do a new order. which finally arrived. so between the day of my first due delivery and the receipt of the order, there were 3-4 days! I was due to travel and didn't have enough nappy supplies. and on top of that it took them more than a week to refund my first order that never arrived. i complained, and oh so great i got a voucher to use online. I didn't want to use it. i left it until a few days before it expired and gave in. used the voucher (September). what a mistake. They took the money out of my account straight, but when the order arrived, many things were missing. I assumed they would just sort the billing out - mistake! ONE MONTH later, my account gets debited with the full amount of the order. I had no idea what that was as I hadn't shopped there for a month! After digging i found out that their incompetent payment team refunded the original amount they took and then didn't take the right amount they were due, after deducting the unavailable items. then a month later, they tried to take the payment, voucher didn't work, and they charged me in full. Again - (do they think we just have a pile of money they can be taking from any time they wish @[email protected]?) Phone call again with the cust service, some incompetent guy decided to refund me a random amount without listening carefully to my story. and he processed the refund without even confirming that I was happy with the amount to be refunded. When I realised, asked to speak to a supervisor, who then asked me to send screenshots of my orders as what they have on the system isn't the same i have (nice way to get rid of me). i did, and no replies after a week! i took onto twitter - where their response is slow too. Messaged them with the orders screenshots and guess what. even then their not able to get the numbers right. same thing happens. this persons decides to refund me an amount,that is not right. and again without waiting for a confirmation on my side. conclusion, after 2 rounds of refunds, 2 weeks passed, they still owe me a certain sum. It's a waste of my time, it's a waste of their staff time (i don't care about them looking money of staff time) but it's emotionally draining when you know you have bills that will be deducted from your account but you have insufficient funds because Asda took money they shouldn't have from you account. RIDICULOUS. I waited this long to put a bad review but people need to know and like someone else here, I think everyone should just boycott their online delivery.

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