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tim's complaint against ASDA



asda turns supermarket into wearhouse for custmers to shop in

Complaint against ASDA

It seems asda have turned normal shopping into a trip to a warehouse by making its coustmers battle with pre ordered internet shopping in case you wondering what all the green stacking boxes are doing blocking access in aisle & to shelved products.. well it's there new version of a internet shopping click & collect while I have no problem with the idea of this putting it into practice is just dam right arrogant of the store, when asked to move one of these tall green stacking units the staff simply refused saying they were busy I'm just waiting for someone to have an accident if it was a warehouse you would expect them to be moved with folk lifts flashing lights & staff in hi viz but no there just running around grab the fist item they need ie a packet of biscuits that's been dropped & put back not to mention picking the products with the least sell by dates they just grab the fist they come to & off to the nxt while I think the idea is good it should be done either when the store is closed to public or just in a warehouse before someone has an accident..!

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