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Nikita's complaint against ASDA

Nikita Bindal


Complaint- Incident number 161106-006057

Complaint against ASDA

I have not received any response in last 48 hours after my below complaint. This is regarding my order number : 18233320668 and Incident number - 161101-00-3796 ) where ASDA isle of docks had sent the driver to my place to collect the items I wanted to refund on 29th OCT around 2000 hours. Since my party got cancelled , I returned all the alcohol, juices, soda water, Doritos etc. First he never gave me any written proof of collection and secondly until 01st November I neither received any refund nor any email confirming the items. I gave a call to ASDA call centre and spent complete one hour with Karen giving her all the information about each and every product as she had nothing documented from the store. After checking with store, she told me that refund of GBP53 will be processed soon. I gave a call again on 03rd November and again spent 01 hour in the afternoon with supervisor Angel and one hour in the evening with Archie, but no one helped me and just said that store will contact me as there were restricted items and they need to process the refund. Why didn't you inform me earlier that it could take such a long time and they were restricted items etc? On 04th Nov, I got a call from Margaret from the store and the first thing she told me was that ASDA never received the items. When I asked her what does that mean and how did you not receive the items, she said okay let me check and get back to you with details. She called me again at 2.58 pm when I missed a call and she left a voicemail which is so unclear that I would like to pass it to you. I called the store 6 times and pressed 1 – 4- 5 option to get to her but there was a lady Jasleen who put the phone down 5 times and 6th time I requested her to ask Margaret to give me a call back which I never received back until date. This is deeply frustrating and harassing and I am not going to give any more calls to ASDA / spend 5 hours of my life in the last 1 week to try to explain all of this and then get a refund of my amount. I was using your services since long but after being mentally frustrated I don’t think I am going to do that now. This is so irresponsible and bad behaviour with customers and very mentally exhausting and challenging to call everyday trying to get this processed and suddenly receiving statements like the items are never received etc etc and keeping down my phone calls. Every time I called they asked all the product code etc from, I do understand there are some requirements but there would be some online systems recording something and I am really disappointed with such a bad customer service. You should not be really frustrating customers like this and this has been the most disappointing experience so far since I have started using your service. Look forward to receiving my refund and explanation for such a mentally hassling and disappointing experience. Kind Regards, Nikita Bindal

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