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David's complaint against ASDA

David Ainsworth


Coupons at Romford Superstore

Complaint against ASDA

For years I've had directly mailed coupons for Shape, Acitiva, Myknos & Actimel products, all with my personal name on. No problem with redeeming...until 3 weeks' ago. They couldn't be dealt with, and after delay and other staff called - they were accepted. The Supervisior said there was a"new system" and it had caused problems all week. Last week the same - this time 3 other members of staff were called and, after acceptance, your cashier apologised saying that "We now have to get authorisation before we accept coupons". Hmmm. If looks could kill from persons in the queue behind me, you wouldn't be reading this account now. Go back to your old system, I say.

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