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Tiffany's complaint against ASDA

Tiffany glenton


Faulty electrical testing process

Complaint against ASDA

On january 26th 15 i was cleaning my kitchen i put the kettle on to boil as i was going to bleach my kitchen floor. I moved my 10 month old son out of his high chair wich was next to the work top were my kettle is. I put him in his door bouncer and went to my cupboard to get the bleach, heard a big bang and thought what was that? I looked out of the window nothing had happened outside, turned around to find boiling hot water splashed up my tiles, work top covered and boiling hot water spilling down the cupboards and onto the floor. Luckily neither me or my son was hurt however if i hadnt have taken him out of his high chair it would have been a whole differant matter. My son would have been seriously hurt and probably scarred for life. I contacted the store that i purchased the kettle from and was adivsed to return the kettle and it will be sent away to be tested. So thats what i did. Then i thought im not just settling for it to be sent away thinking oh theyll just forget about and hope i do the same! I managed to find an email address of an executive, i sent them a message explaining what had happened and that i wanted to file a complaint. I was informed it can take upto 40 (yes 40) working days for this product to be tested. I have just under 40 emails sent/received of me chasing the progress. Probably 99% of my replies are no response yet it can take upto 40 working days. Every time i read this i thought upto 40 it cant possibly mean its going to take 40 days. Cut a long story short i rang asda house on the 40th working day which was 29th March only to be told we havent had a response yet! So obviously im saying it can take upto 40 working days im calling you on the 40th working day and you have nothing? They will chase it up they said. So i email the executive AGAIN. to be told the same thing we are chasing it up and will get back to me once the response is in. On the 31st 2 days late the response was back im thinking finally i will get an answer after 2 months! But oh no i have to 7-10 days to receive the response via mail. By this time im angry,frustrated and sick of waiting i email back and said why do i have to wait even longer? You have the infomation on your system? Why cant you just tell me over the phone over via email? The reply i got was he had told that department to have my response sent out to me that day! Asda service teams twitter gave me a differant number to call and that they would be able to help im think ye right! Like all of your other numbers and emails have helped. I went ahead and rang the number and obviously was told i can see your response has been sent out but unfortunatly i cant see what your response is! The woman laughed and said it must be a secret because i cant see anything. So the faulty kettle incident happened on the 26th jan and today the 1st of april i am still waiting for an answer! This whole process has been an absolute joke to say the least. And one of asdas slogans is happy to help hahah yes of course you are but your customer will have one hell of a long wait for your so called help

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Tiffany glenton | | VERIFIED

I have just rang asda Finally have an answer! It was the fillament in the heater element that burst this is what caused the kettle to explode. They have sent me a £20 gift card as a good will gesture!
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