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Michelle's complaint against ASDA

Michelle Winfield


health & safety concerns (COSHH)

Complaint against ASDA

A number of months ago my husband tried to purchase lighter fluid (suitable for Zippo type lighter), as had been sourcing from ASDA for years. He was told they were no longer stocking at their store (cigarette counter) due to Health & Safety Regs. We now find that this item is suddenly readily available and stocked within the main shopping aisles of the store, right nex to matches etc. As a concerned member of the public I cannot understand why this would be deemed acceptable under COSHH as the store are now unable to regulate and monitor for safety what is a highly flammable/explosive product. Having stocked the item previously in a locked cabinet accessible only to staff at least they were putting in any necessary control measures possible. This seems to have "flown out of the window" and as such it would appear to me that they are in breach of COSHH Regulations, and show a complete disregard for the safety of staff and customers alike, in the current climate of possible radical behaviour/terrorism or just someone with issues, or even in the event of accident. I appreciate this may be an extreme position/view to take but I would have thought that some form of safety measures would be appropriate anyway. I wonder if this is worth drawing to the attention on the Health & Safety Executive. Can this practice be deemed safe? Are other stores following similar procedure. eg. Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons etc. This surely cannot be right?

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