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chantelle's complaint against ASDA



I got my shopping when chek out and two week before I bought a gift card visa debit one form asda sa

Complaint against ASDA

I get paid every month I have twins so when I get paid I always buy £50 gift cards so I no I have got them to use the last week before paid day I whent to your store got my baby's milk and nappies and a few other bits my bill come to £63 pound so I give them the visa gift cards £25 pound on each they told me they don't take them any more well I use a gift card at a different store that morning I show the manger my receipt he would not left me use them still I phone the gift help line in front off the manger on loud speack and they told him they had £ 25 pound on each this was on a sauna day at 6 o'clock at night I had my twins in the pram who are 4 months old they was crying everyone in the shop was looking at me I had the first re pit from when I bought then from asda two weeks before the lady on the phone told them they had £25 on each and plus a receipt to show I use them in a different store the same day I dint not have any money to pay the bill only £20 to put to the extra that I got I had to leve the shop with no milk mappers notting the manger spoke to me like rubies I am so upset the next day I when to the other store and use them no promble I want a manger from head office to contact me ASAP I've got every on my Carmarthen phone that another shopper film which the manger does not no about

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