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Steve's complaint against ASDA

Steve Freathy


It's impossible to overstate how bad this retailer is

Complaint against ASDA

Well - how I wish I had seen these reviews before trying ASDA. I have two experiences to tell you about today - one for ASDA and one for GEORGE - their online "other stuff" brand. So GEORGE decide that napkins delivered filthy is OK as is delivering broken glasses - you would have thought the clinking would have given it away. Then onto ASDA who really iced the cake today. I ordered about 25 things online. Pretty quickly, although not at the time of placing the order, three items were flagged as out of stock. How hard can it be to have a real time stock checking system so that they offer what they can sell? ANYONE can create a list of things that might be available and take an order for it. I want to spend money with companies that have things that are really available. Then, adding insult to injury, on the day of delivery I am informed that the dreaded substitutions are in play. So now that's 5 out of 25 things that aren't available - a fifth. Are their warehouse shelves that bare? So OK - these things happen. Then my delivery window is 2 hours between 6 and 8. At 8.20 there is a knock on the door and I genuinely felt sorry for the driver because I explained that it wasn't personal but I can't spend money with a company that treats it's customers so poorly. So if you want damaged, dirty, unavailable goods that can be substituted at the last minute for what you don't want, the ASDA is for you. It is impossible to overstate the catastrophic disaster that characterises their service today. Utterly utterly utterly dreadful DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY. They simply don't care.

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