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Mr Pete's complaint against ASDA

Mr Pete Beckett


Lack of fresh pasta on shelf

Complaint against ASDA

I have shopped at the Asda branch in West End, Southampton since it opened, all good service but since the revamp a few months ago many stock issues have occurred. Now the fresh pasta shelves are dominated by 5 choices of Tortelloni with various fillings. There is NO fresh Spaghetti at all and always a limited amount of Tagliatelle. spaghetti is one of the most popular pastas on the market, and dried pasta is not a substitute if people like fresh or have a wheat free problem. I asked one of the managers why and got a straight answer , 'No we don't stock it anymore' So me and many others go elsewhere, but obviously not just for fresh pasta, we get other shopping also. Why do you need to stock such a range of Torreteloni Also many of the excellent wines, inc good French wines have been reduced to leave sweet taste Rose and ordinary reds, before it was a selection to spend time at. now it has a bigger selection of Californian varieties. as many of the shoppers are of an older generation they do not usually buy that type of wine. But why no fresh Spagetti ?? I await your reply.

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ASDA failed to resolve this complaint

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Mr Pete Beckett | | VERIFIED

Asda have yet to respond, but many other supermarkets have little or no fresh pasta some weeks ago

Mr Pete Beckett | | VERIFIED

Problem sorted, it was most st Asda have yet to respond !

Mr Pete Beckett | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Mr Pete Beckett | | VERIFIED

Problem sorted, it was most st Asda have yet to respond ! I have noticied other supermarkets had similar proplems,

Mr Pete Beckett | | VERIFIED

have had no response but shop elsewhere, now
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