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Zoe's complaint against ASDA

Zoe Stothers


Lil Angels nappies

Complaint against ASDA

I purchased these nappies for my sons and I never normally have a problem with these nappies just once or twice however this week using the nappies the sticky bits are not sticking so changed my new born son again and every nappy in the pack was the exact same... So I went and purchased another pack as they wouldn't return the nappies for me and the exact same happened I'm a single mother on benefits and iv reported this before a few months back something needs to be resolved I can't afford to keep replacing nappies... I have two toddlers under the age of 2 it's upsetting.

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Carol Hatch | | VERIFIED

Cut the corner bits with the so called sticky bit attached from a nappy. Add a letter of complaint and part of the bag they came in. Put in an envelope and send to thier head office complaints department or just head office . When ever ive done this with bread thats dirty on the bottom ,or mouldy food ive recieved a voucher back that exceeds the cost and postage.
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