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Gratiela's review of ASDA

Gratiela Alexie


Little angels nappies size 3

Review of ASDA

I am so upset!Ive just changed the nappies I normally buy with the ones From Asda for simple reason I couldn’t make it to my normal shop for a week now.Ive got enough! My boy would wake up screaming because he would either wet himself up his back or poo and ended up going all over his back and his clothes and everything !This is horrible I can’t go out anywhere with these nappies on! Either he’s sitting on his bum either he’s standing upright in his pran or walker he’s ending up in the same situation wet and with poo all over his back !How is it possible?! I’m very very upset and my boy shouldn’t go trough this when I could do something about it and put my trust into your nappies for my little boy to wear!its not fair for him either me!

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