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Amy's complaint against ASDA

Amy Wade


Member of staff was very rude

Complaint against ASDA

I went to the asda store in colchester last night to get pizza from the fresh pizza counter and i hace never been treated and spoken to like that ever. It was around 5.30pm. The young girl was blonde and wearing glasses. I didn't get her name as was in shock to be spoken to like that. She asked me what pizza base i wanted and i replied a thin crust and she said in a snotty manor i will ask you again what crust and i said thin and she said im going to repeat myself what crust do you want? I was slightly confused as i had said what i wanted. She then said we do stonebase or deepan. So i said ok stonebase. She was very rude and said what else and i said a stuffed crust and she said no. Ok i will have another stonebase. She didn't give me chance to say what toppings and carried on being rude. After the pizzas were finished she said come here so i walked to the other end of the counter and she said in a sarcastic baby voice no here! I really was shocked and felt like a child veong told off by an adult. I was very embarrassed as it was very busy. Im a shy person who just took it but i am fuming and i will take it further if nothing gets done. She was so rude and staff are meant to be helpful and i think the way she spoke to me was awful. There was another lafy on the counter with her who seemed lovely. I know i didnt get a name but im sure the rota can be checked to see who it was. I await for your reply

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