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shirley's complaint against ASDA

shirley pitt


no public payphone left stranded

Complaint against ASDA

so had went to asda with my twins in a double buggy and my older boy who is 15 when after we had spent a fortune we went to call a taxi and seen only the free phone linked to gribbens taxi firm now the fault isn't with them they had no available hackneys that could take a lot of shopping and a double buggy so after this call i looked about for a payphone to phone a different taxi firm but couldn't see one we went outside checked about still none my older son returned back inside and asked if their was a public payphone to which he got a sharp no for a reply when i came back out i went back in and asked the staff on floor if their was any chance a taxi could be called for us i got told to go use freephone for gribbens before abruptly turning away from me before i could even explain that i had already called them i then asked another member of staff if their was any payphones near the area i got told to go and look i find that on this shopping occasion i was spoken to very rudely and if i hadn't spotted an old friend of mine and asked if he could possibly call a me a taxi i would have been stuck their was no way we could have managed to carry 13/14 bags all the way home or even onto a bus im downright appalled at the way asda treated us!

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