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Shanice's complaint against ASDA



Rude delivery drivers

Complaint against ASDA

I am not happy with my delivery today as I had a booked slot for 11-1 as I was out until then I had a phone call of the driver and 10:45 who asked if I was available for my delivery I was on my way home so Witch I replied I will be in 15 mins she then replied as long ur back for 11 , I returned to my house at 10:58 and could not get on to my drive as they had blocked it and saw me with no intention to move had to leave my 6 month old daughter in the car as she had already put my shopping at my door to the extent I could not unlock it with out moving the shopping then to squeeze past she then told me I was lucky as she was going to take it back (at 10:59 may I add) witch I think was very rude to the find out after I had got the shopping that she had been bad mouthing me to my neighbour about not being home on time very disappointed I have never had a problem before but I think that this is very uncalled for and unessasary .

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