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natasha 's complaint against ASDA



security tags in my comfort giving my 4 month old son a rash

Complaint against ASDA

To whom it may concern, I have recently perched a bottle of comfort fabric soften from one of your asda stores in Doncaster. I have used this product since both my children were born and not once had a problem till now. I used the bottle thought out all of my washes and noticed my 4 month old child had started to get a rash and I didn't put it down to the fabric soften as I have used it since he was born and not had a problem, the rash just seemed to get worse so I contacted my doctors and got an appointment for my son they just told me to keep and eye on him and to monitor his temperature, the rash my son had got was a big worry to me and my partner as he spent the first few months of his life in hospital as he was born 7 weeks premature. I continued to use the fabric softer thought out my washes excluding my 4 month old sons clothes and I noticed the rash was slowly going since had stopped using comfort. As I reach the end of the bottle of comfort I noticed something in the bottom of the bottle so i emptied the content of the bottle to find 5 security tags at the bottom of the bottle that have clearly been cut and hidden in the bottle as you can see from the pictures. I think this is absolutely outrages and disgusting this was the cause of my son's rash it is unacceptable. I understand you did not place them there but as you are legally obligated too keep your products safe for perches the blame lies with you I have also written to comfort to make them aware that maybe it would be a sensible idea to put a safe ceil on the product to prevent this happeing again, however this incident happened in your store and it's made me think twice about shopping with you as you are unable to look after your stock. I look forward to hear back from you as it is an important matter and I would hate for anyone else to go through the same worry as me and my partner over something that could have been avoided if you took better care of your stock. I look forward to hearing what you have to say on the matter miss natasha storey

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