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Cindy's complaint against ASDA

Cindy Bayfield


Sent out broken cot beds for my 9 months old twins

Complaint against ASDA

I ordered two cot beds for my 9 month old twins on the 16th of March. When they arrived I opened them to discover they are chipped, dented, covered in silver paint (the cots are white), parts of the wood are cracked badly and wood is splintered and frayed. I have contacted several different asda departments and even head office and they will only either refund me or exchange the cot beds but only once the cot beds have been collected therefore leaving my children without anywhere to sleep for 15 days (how long the process apparently takes). They said it's not their problem that my children have no where to sleep, and that I should buy two more cot beds from them first then they will refund the original ones. If I accept a refund they won't collect on a day or time I'm available, I'm expected to cancel my plans and wait in all day for them to be collected. Not only have I wasted my money on two items that arrived in a dreadful state, I have also wasted so much time and money trying to get them to actually rectify their problem. They are so happy to take my money but not to admit their faults. I bought these cot beds so I could set up my babies nursery and they would have their first night in their own room and this special time has been absolutely ruined by asda. They are just ignoring me now. when I initially complained they offered me a £4.50 good will gesture, my order cost £210. I'm so hurt and disgusted that a large well known company can treat their customers like this. On their Twitter complaints page they offer nearly every single complaint a refund and exchange but my complaint has just been brushed under the carpet.

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