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Mrs.Dodds's complaint against ASDA



she is rude and showing her nasty attitude this lady is a small lady with black eyeglasses on.

Complaint against ASDA

I was from work and because it is only walking distance to drop by for a bit of shopping while I am waiting for my husband then after a bit of shopping my husband arrived so we both went to payment machine and I really felt mad when she act like that and showing her nasty attitude ,its no need for that and beside I haven't done anything to her then was about finished scanned the items she suddenly said leave that basket on the shelf then will take it in a minute , but I put the basket down below for me I thought I helped her somehow if any customer's next to us it wont be blocked the shelf where to put the basket, but I don't understand what is wrong with it and she suddenly got the basket and she placed the basket downfall back on top that is annoying and it wont harm her if I put it down she shouldn't be doing that to the customer especially if not doing anything wrong with her I felt restless until now I am thinking this type of worker in the shop. Hope you can do something about this matter to have a disciplinary action for her to learn and aware of doing like that to the customer. Many Thanks

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ASDA failed to resolve this complaint

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Just wasting time
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