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Joanna's complaint against ASDA

Joanna Murray


taken money but not delivered food

Complaint against ASDA

I am absolutely dismayed upset and angry. On Wednesday 27th April 2016 I waited in for 2 ½ hours waiting for a delivery that never arrived. Asda cancelled it due to an error in the log number and did not even call to tell me. When I mentioned that my money had been taken the store manager apologized and said the money would go back into my account the same day and gave me £15 online voucher. I accepted as these things happen. Thursday morning I still had no money, contacted my bank who said Asda had not released it. I then spent two hours speaking to various people on the “customer service” line. I went between bank and Asda getting and providing authorisation codes email addresses, even down to having to tell ASDA how much they had charged me and had to release. The service was so horrendous I asked for a manager to contact me, no one called. Friday morning, the money is still not in my account, so contacted my bank who said Asda had not released it. I contacted Asda spoke to someone else who took all the information again. I asked him to ring back and confirm it had been processed, he said he would call back after 30 mins, he never did. I called again to be told that you had tried to process it 3 times the bank had refused. No one attempted to contact me or the bank! At this point I then call the bank who said they had received nothing. I call Asda again to check all the info; email address/auth number/card number/sort code/name/amount….then ask them to process again. Saturday morning I still have no money and my bank have received nothing your customer service line tell me there is nothing they can do. I have spent a total of 4 hours 46 mins on the phone to various members of staff to be bounced about, lied to and got nowhere. To the point that frustration took over. I have spoken to 15 different people Requested a manager call back twice and not received any Requested my complaint be escalated, no one has contacted me Been bounced between 3 departments Been hung up on once. None has taken ownership of this problem and helped in anyway. For the last time I have given Asda my details, I have asked them to process. To be told that the past 3 attempts were via Fax machine. I had provided and email address and told your team that Natwest do have a fax at around 9am Thursday morning, why they were faxing is beyond me. I have no faith they will process this simple transaction this time as I have not come across any examples or anyone to give me any other impression. So as it stands you have taken £86.91 from my account and have not delivered the service. on Monday I received a call from the complaints team who reiterated the problem to me and offered a free delivery?!?!?! A £15 online voucher does not satisfy when I think I have probably paid £30 in phone calls have no money in my account and no food. Let alone the distress and time and upset the whole situation has caused. It is now Tuesday almost 7 days later and I still have no money, my bank have heard nothing.

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