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Graham's complaint against ASDA

Graham Wheelhouse


Unable to make payment

Complaint against ASDA

On Sunday the 30th of October I was unable to make payment for my shopping at 3AM at the Linwood store. I spent half an hour walking round the store and picking up things I needed for the following day only to be told that I can't purchase anything from the store as none of the card machines were working and the ATM's were out of order. I had no prior warning and there were no signs that informed me of this before I began shopping and was embarrassed to have to leave the shopping at the counter because I had no way to pay with card and no way to take money out to pay for this either. On complaining to the manager in the store at the time I was advised that "there is nothing we can do". There was no other offer of solution to any ATM that might be working and the only response that was given to me was "we shouldn't even be open". The fact that these things may happen is one thing (even for a huge corporation), The fact that the customer service was so uncaring is another. Not only was this a waste of my time, an embarrassment and horrible customer service, It has removed my high opinion of Asda as a reliable, friendly and customer focused store.

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