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Beverley's complaint against ASDA

Beverley Crowe


Why do you take my money and then cancel my order??

Complaint against ASDA

I have had nothing but problems, especially this year. I have had to cancel one card, I'm diabetic, and have kids and big dogs to feed (4 of them) Asda took the payment for an online order and stated on my order ''Your order is being picked'' Well obviously that's a lie. Why have you taken a payment if your not even picking it? Why have I had to contact my bank because of your service FIVE times? Why is a diabetic woman (2 injections of Levemir a day, 3 injections of Novo-Rapid, Canagliflozin, and 2000mg Metformin daily) being left with no option, as you've taken the money to feed us, other than having to eat a spoon of sugar to keep her alive, literally! My sugars have been so dangerously low as to have paramedics called twice recently, many witnesses to my being unconscious, so low as to have to STOP insulin injections...yet your customer services are so ill equipped to deal with my complex issues its laughable, (she actually said ''well, we are sorry for the inconvenience) then the store promise I will get my shop as it was their fault, I didn't get anything, not even a phone call, you then bribed me with a promise of re-training your staff, and sending me £15 in the form of an that compensates this now being the SIXTH occasion you have let us down?...Now its going further, i'm sure this won't gain a response, But you will respond to me. Now i'm very angry, now ASDA needs to change their policies, and get people who speak sense will you? That'd help! This is going all over everywhere, i'm not taking this anymore

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