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Complaint against Farmfoods

Hi. My nan and auntie shop at your store Liverpool green lane every Monday now they will spend £25 sometimes for the £2.50 off and sometimes they spend £50 to get the £5.00 off. Well I was with them last week and they out there shopping on the conveyer like they do everyweek got it scanned then started packing away as the cashier asked for payment they have money with the money off coupon to be told not very nicely it couldn't be taken. Why was this. It was in date they make sure they have a new one each week as my aunties cuts them out the paper for them to use. This has not only happened once but a few times. But yet every other cashier happily take it. I have never seen a cashier make my nan feel so small in front of a busy shop. My nan shops every week at that store and does not deserve to be belittled. I wasn't very happy but did not say nothing as wouldn't be fare on my nan. Fisrt time I have ever been disgraced in Farmfoods store. Thanks Emma.

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