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Complaint against Vital Seniors

I have a 90 year old friend who lives alone.A month or so ago when I visited I noticed a box in her hallway.When I asked what it contained she instructed me to open it. Inside were herbal teas and various other herbal tablets and lotions.When I told her she informed me she couldn't remember ordering them.When I looked at the invoice I noticed she had paid in full the amount of £98.00 . This money had already been taken out of her Bank account so I presumed from this that she must have given her details over the phone. I had a chat with her explaining that she must not give details regarding her bank to anyone especially over the phone.I said that she would probably be unable to claim this money back on this occasion as goods had been sent.As she was quite upset I said to put it down to experience.However 2 wks later another box arrived for £114.00 so as this looked like it was to continue I contacted the Bank with very little joy with regards to putting a stop on it.They explained that this company appeared very clever as they were taking out inconsistent amounts on various dates and using different names.There is now a manual watch being done on my friends account so fingers crossed.

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