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Annie's complaint against Sue Ryder

Annie Bradley


Treated badly in Sue Ryder in Wokingham, Berks

Complaint against Sue Ryder

Treated very badly by management at Sue Ryder in Wokingham, Berkshire. A no. of incidents but I will mention a few. 1) an attitude issue if you ask for a discount on faulty damaged goods and they do have items that have beads hanging off, stains, holes etc. They like to embarrass you in front of customers, that's happened on more than one occasion, I get the feeling they don't like me for some reason. 2) I regularly spend money in Sue Ryder sometimes if there is a fault, I've asked for a small discount. You can clearly see and feel resentment of the managers there and they are not afraid to show it either, they embarrass you in front of customers like you are some sort of criminal, quite honestly I feel I'm doing them a favour by taking the odd faulty item off their hands when nobody else will buy them e.g. there was a pair of shoes there, I thought they would be ok to wear around the house they were very worn on the heels and there was no price on them I asked the manager how much and she is very predictable and said £5, now I was willing to pay £3 but not £5 as they were not worth it, I felt she said £5 because it was me, I politely pointed out the very worn heels and sole but she refused to discount them, On 80% of what I purchase I pay their full price but as I say if I see faults I will ask for a discount and I think that is fair. I don't think they sold those shoes as they were still in that shop months later and I suspect they got rid of them. A sale is better than no sale especially if they never paid for the item in the first place but I decided that I would not buy them even if they reduced to a pound. One week I spent £35 in there buying full price items. All they have to do is say we don't offer discounts if that is how they feel about it, but then I've seen a manager dropping a price on something for a customer, no questions asked but for me they resent it. Ok so here's where my main complaint is 1) I was in the changing room and not for very long I had 4 items to try on when a manager ragingly opened up the curtains on full display to the people in the shop when I was in my underwear and she said ''oh it's you'' (words to that effect, she was very rude). I was shocked because I had not long been in there and I've known myself and customers queuing up outside while someone was in there for around 30 mins and the management said nothing. You don't yank open the curtains like that on a customer. 2) This is a new manager now (the other one who clearly doesn't like me is still there too) I'm always polite to them but if they are rude I will stand up for myself but I never shout. I polite as usual go up to pay for a pair of yellow jeans, I asked the manager very politely ''do you think that stain will come out'' it was a red blood or tomato sauce stain, she said ''I should think so'' in a rude manner and would not look me in the eyes. I though what's wrong with her! I ignored this rudeness and then I spotted a jacket in the window I liked, I tried it on with a top and went to pay for it. While at the till I could feel her anger and I don't know what for, she never offered me a card to stamp and they are supposed to stamp a card when you spend over £5, she did not so I said to her 'aren't you supposed to offer me a stamp? she said '' have you got one then'' I said ''aren't you supposed to offer me one?'' you could see and feel her resentment towards me and I asked her why she had such an attitude to towards me and she said ''staff and customers have complained about you'' I said '' who'' she was silent now this was highly embarrassing because there was a customer right behind me but this lady doesn't like me either, she buys bags of clothes every week and she was once rude to me, what is their problem? I think maybe I'm competition as she may sell the clothes (I do not I wear them). Anyway, I'm feeling pretty upset at this point, I put the jacket on top into the bag and about to get my purse out to pay and the manager then says '' you have not paid for those'' meaning I'm shoplifting!!! I said '' I bet your pardon'' she said ''you've put those in your bag and not paid'' I said to her ''of course I'm going to pay, can you hear how you are talking to me''. This customer behind didn't give a stuff and said nothing. I felt shocked, humiliated (again) and very emotionally upset. The manager then said '' I apologise for not stamping the card'', but she never apologised for trying to accuse me of shop lifting and her rudeness towards me. I since sent message to the CEO on linked in and had no response and also 2 emails went to their customers services and received no response. This tells me the management got together with perhaps a customer that they were clearly discussing me behind my back when I left the shop once as they know I had complained about them as I asked the shop assistant for the managers name, I guess they've done that to protect themselves. I went into the next charity shop and broke down in tears, I feel abused by the managers in this shop, I was crying a lot that day and clearly still upset today over this.

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Jay smith | | VERIFIED

I must say I am shocked that people ask for discount in a charity shop. I dare say the management of the shop feel the same way. I found this page looking for a worthy charity to donate some items to. This post has convinced me that Sue Ryder will get a decent price for the stock I am about to donate, hence I will be taking my donation to them. Thanks for leaving your review.

Jay smith | | VERIFIED

For anyone interested I am taking brand new Karen Millen, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and Next clothing to the Tilehurst Triangle branch on Thursday 20th February 2019. Over 100 items, so get yourself over there and grab a bargain, but please don't try to get extra discount as the money is for a good cause. Thanks
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