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Parul's review of SpiceStyle

Parul Srihasini


SpiceStyle Review - Real Satisfaction is what I got

Review of SpiceStyle

I have received nice experiences with Spicestyle in the past. I feel nice to tell that I have great experiences with Spicestyle. Consistent level of ease with spicestyle is one of the reasons that have always pulled me to visit spicestyle.com over the time and again. At the initial stage of my ordering from spicestyle, I started with ordering the travel adapter but I was not satisfied as the adapter turned out to work abruptly. After a first few days, I thought my expenditure has drained to nothing and a bit dubious on its return/replacement. Then, I made a call to Spicestyle customer care and apprised them of my disappointment. Then, here comes an absolute U-turn for my thoughts/assumptions. This was a dawn to my happiness; it turned out as a pleasing experience for me as the time taken for customer response by them was very small. The wait for on call support was small and I was connected with the customer care executive in a little time. Then, my issue regarding the adapter was carefully listened by the executive and immediate action was taken against the issue raised. The quick response included receiving an instant SMS and an email to me regarding a resolution to my complaint. It is interesting to know I was also asked by the executive for a refund. But by that time after seeing their customer friendliness & service my mood was already uplifted. With these notifications on my phone, I was further amused by the care and attention given by Spicestyle. So, I requested them to provide me a replacement for mine dysfunctional travel adapter. Within in a time duration of 3-4 days, the new adapter was received at my residence. The new travel adapter is working perfectly without any trouble till date and I'm completely satisfied. So, with this satisfying experience from Spicestyle, I want to express my happiness through this review. Everyone gets troubles/problems at some point but what matters the most is the care and its sorting out time. With the kind of assistance and level of customer friendliness from Spicestyle, I've decided to continue shopping at spicetyle.com. Also, the reasons for this review are not just one, but many other as well. These guys have a really good customer service, too.I liked it. Reason of review: Good customer service.

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