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Hasina 's complaint against DTConnect

Hasina Ayub


Scammed into transferring money and not reviewed goods

Complaint against DTConnect

dtconnect are a instagram and Facebook/Twitter based company. They are also linked in with theconnectreviews. I sent the money across over 2 weeks ago via a bank transfer. The communication was swift they had a website and also had email comms set up alongside a contact number - their account has many followers whom buy too. When I placed the order I paid for 3/5 day delivery to the uk as they are USA based. 2.5 weeks on I still haven’t received my goods nor are they responding to me or allowing the chargeback my bank has processed. I am so frustrated as I transfered 875 dollars which is a substantial amount for me it equates to at the time of sale 654 pounds. Please can someone help me.

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rumzy chaudh | | VERIFIED

I too was scammed by @dtconnect. They asked I do a wire transfer to Alexis Walls-Wilson, Clayton, Delaware which was the info I was provided from @dtconnect. I spent $2310.00 which was for 4 products which my friends and I contributed to. All communication was swift however, they ignored me once I had sent them proof that I made payment. A scam! Please avoid!
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