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Przemyslaw's complaint against Chunky Rustic

Przemyslaw Wikarski


I was sold damaged furniture and seler will not accept return

Complaint against Chunky Rustic

I have bought a hand made item through Eatsy (dining table and chairs) on Nov 26. Item was delivered by man with a van (arranged by seller) on Dec 17, however I did not start to unwrap it until Monday 18th evening. It is when I realized that it was damaged. Cardbord used do protect the furniture in transport got stuck to the chairs because someone wrapped them before paint was dry. I took a number of pictures and comtacted the seller immediately. Seller replied claiming that it was because of the moisture that got absorbed during the transit and that bond etween chairs and cardboard will release once it dry in a warm house. He also advised to use warm water in order to soake it, which I did not do as yje paint was already damaged (he finally admitted that after receiving another picture showing bits of paint on the cardboard). He that proposed that he will find a local craftsman who will fix the damage, as he could not collect them until mid January. I have replied that I can not wait that long because of upcoming Christmas and that my partner already ordered a new set from ebay. I also told that I want to return it and get my money back. Than he replied that he can not refud the chairs as it was customised order (we wanted seats to be slightly smaller than standard offered), and that chairs will have to be refinished and returned to me (next pick up/delivery service run mid Jan + whatever time it will take to fix it and return them to me- bear in mind that I have placed my order on the Nov 26). I have replied to the seller saying, that his return and refund policy does not mention anything about customized orders, therefore they should be regarded as any other standard order- to which he replied 'no return on customized orders!'. He never backed this up by any valid reason. I was looking forward to have this set until it turned out to be damaged. I also could not wait for seller to collect it in January as I needed table and chairs for Christmas (now I got two sets). He now does now even want to fix the damage as Eatsy closed the case between us.

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