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Emily's complaint against JYY London

Emily Lee


Delivery Company confirms delivery of parcel, no parcel received

Complaint against JYY London

I placed an order, paying extra for next day delivery. I was home all day on the day of delivery. Checked delivery company website to find it say item delivered at certain time on that day. I hadn't received the parcel. I contacted the delivery company, who checked with the driver to be told to check with neighbours, which I did.. no parcel. Then in a second conversation was told it was delivered to my neighbour. Checked there again, no parcel. I have contacted the delivery company several times with no success. I was not left a card to say my parcel had been delivered to another address. I was told to contact the retailer I'd ordered the parcel from asking them to raise a signature dispute request. I have tried contacting the retailer several times with no response from them (no telephone number available) so all done by email. Each time I speak to the delivery company I'm told it was delivered to a certain house. After a while I tried to contact the retailer again by social media, who then responded asking for the parcel number and they would check in to it for me. They then came back saying it was delivered to the address the delivery company are saying. I have been to this address and no parcel. I am without the parcel and out of pocket.

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