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Daniel's review of Boots

Daniel Weinberg


Good service, shame about the prices

Review of Boots

Whilst I have never had a bad experience at the checkout at Boots the prices leave a lot to be desired. Admittedly the prices on Food and drink are quite reasonable and the quality of Fresh food is quite high. However, as soon as you range into toiletries and over the counter (OTC) medications you are paying far over any other outlet. Today I saw 14 Loratadine tablets on sale for £8.19. This doesn't sound too bad until I picked up 28 tablets round the corner for £2.36 (four packs at 59p for seven tablets) and if I had been willing to wait I could have picked up 30 for 66p online (of course High Street stores require a higher price than online retailers) However, even without the online price Boots are still charging nearly 7 times the amount. I can't believe this is not considered a complete rip-off. I don't begrudge any store a decent profit but fleecing the consumers to line the pockets of their shareholders is not the action of a social responsible company.

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