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Michelle Le's complaint against Boots

Michelle Le Roux


On numerous occasions i turn up at boots to get my medicine before work but the store closed?

Complaint against Boots

I am unsure how I'm meant to complain without mentioning any names! I have been using boots for over 7 years maybe 10 & on many occasions I have turned up here to get my medicine before work and nobody is at or in the branch, it has been closed where nobody turns up to open up! I said i wanted to change to a chemist that is reliable but at the time the other chemist couldn't help me. I went back into boots to be told I cant go in there for my medicine anymore, I am a paying customer I pay the monthly certificate of £11 for my prescriptions (pre payment cert). Fazia advised last Thursday Sinitta had said I cant use them anymore, she then this morning told me she's moved my prescription to next door, thuogh they told me they cant cover my medicine therefore I have no choice but to use boots! I am so angry that Sinitta seems to think she can tell me I cant use boots, she has no right! For one why is the store numerous times not opening as & when it should? and two why is Sinitta telling me and her staff I cant use them when all of this is there fault. She seems to think she owns the store, she works there that is it!!! I would like to know what will be done about this & when? Can somebody please get back to me regarding this as I am absolutely disgusted being turned away from the boots I have used long before Siniatta came along.... Unfairly treated is what has happened & happening! I am entitled to use boots if I wish, as & when. I want clarification that the store will be open ON TIME EVERYDAY as it says on the signs, when they don't bother turning up for work why are us - the customers suffering for it? I am disgusted how I have been treated & want clarity none of this will happen again. I want something done please & feedback on this as well. Thank you very much in advance for your time & help.

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Michelle Le Roux | | VERIFIED

i still wait a reply on this? pls.
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