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Janice's complaint against Tesco

Janice Azeb


Hudl 2 screen cracked while charging. I have yet to contact Tesco.

Complaint against Tesco

Hudl screen has cracked while charging.

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Tesco failed to resolve this complaint

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Janice Azeb | | VERIFIED

Tesco tech support in Cardiff have just been incredibly rude. I cannot pay for a repair as I am concerned this will happen again and they will not even agree that this is an issue. Sharon Davis the manager just wanted a fight when I called up calm, she made me really angry and i feel horribly ripped off by Tesco. What can we do? This is outrageous.

Janice Azeb | | VERIFIED

There is no way they can see anything from the photo I sent and yet maintain the crack is our fault. Really shocked at Tesco.

Janice Azeb | | VERIFIED

Sent further pics to Tesco clearly showing crack coming from USB port. They came back saying 'it has been dropped'. They will not offer any repair or guarantee it acknowledge that I can't pay for it to be repaired when it may well crack on its own again. Shocked at Tesco for not dealing with the issue at all and pretty much calling me a liar. Worst customer experience I have ever had

Janice Azeb | | VERIFIED

No recognition that this could possibly be manufacturer fault. Bad complaint handling. No compromise. Blame unjustly passed to us. £100 wasted. I also notice Hudls don't seem to be on sale/ promoted anymore. Feel like a consumer victim.
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