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Andrew's complaint against Tesco

Andrew Tarbard


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Complaint against Tesco

At Tescos at Copdock i needed to use the toilet, Being disable i headed for the disabled toilet. It was out of order, not Tescos fault i know. I went into the gents and found a dingy, filthy, disgusting hell holes. am i exaggerating, i don't think so i have worked in heavy engineering sites up and down the country with some of toilets being a little worst than this but not many. Only one of the cubicles did not have a out of order sign on and after waiting the man who was using it came out and said "no paper in there". I went into the disabled loo, took some paper and returned to the loo. Problems solved you may have thought but no, the toilet was loose on the floor. I came out and washed my hands. Two grubby bottles of Tesco hand soap standing on a dirty self with mirrors that were starting to disintegrate. Outside the loo proudly displayed a sign "Customer Toilets" nice to know just what you think of us. Regards Andrew Tarbard

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