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Mr Thomas's complaint against Halfords

Mr Thomas Coogan


paying for items that were not fitted to my car and telling me discs and pads need renewed

Complaint against Halfords

I booked my car in for an MOT only to be told it had failed as one of the front brake calliper's was binding, and that I needed new brake shoes for the rear they then told me I need to change the two front callipers and all the discs front and rear and that brake pads needed changing as they had ridges on them. I had taken them at there word so told them it was just had a major service 10months ago and has only done 1600miles with new pads and discs being placed on the car at the time I picked up my car after all this was done I also asked for my old parts to be put in to boot of the car. as it was night when I picked the car up , I checked it the next day only to find they have charged me for two callipers and only fitted one (1) I then checked and measured the old discs and pads and found no ridges and the discs and pads were well above the legal limit I teach motor vehicle engineering and motorcycle engineering at University and College so I know what is legal and what is not regarding MOT data I was charged £941 for items I did not need, the only items that needed changing which I agree with, is one front calliper and rear brake shoes My car is a Jeep grand Cherokee so I phoned up there company and was told that direct from them and original parts would have cost. 50% less than what I was charged by Halfords. I contacted your customers services the next day through email and I got a reply two days later stating some one would be in touch it has now been nearly 4 weeks and still know one has contacted me, I am disgusted with the service from Halfords and as far as I am concerned II have paid for parts to be fitted to my car that I did not need I intend to take legal advice on this matter I want this sorted out I want my other calliper fitted which I paid for also I require to be reimbursed for the items I did not need. I still have the discs and pads in the back of my car if you what some one to inspect them. Bearing in mind I teach motor vehicle engineering and I know what is legally. required by law for MOT's. Mr T Coogan GSM SA.UN.LSGC,BC, PCGP. Cert.Ed

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Halfords failed to resolve this complaint

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