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Complaint against Halfords

Went to halford's store on nuthall road & asked if they sold trailers, his reply was NO, so I asked if he knew were I could get one from near by, he replied NO. Came home & searched on line & HALFORDS popped up, so I placed an order & they said I could have it delivered to Halford nuthall road so I did, then got an email to say the date & time of the delivery. So rang up on the date to check that it had been delivered, I was told after 15 minutes of waiting that it was in transit & would be here tomorrow. So went down the next day & got told there hadn't been a delivery & nothing was in the warehouse, after telling her I needed it for the weekend she rang customer service and spent 15 minutes waiting for them to answer she was told it had been delivered & signed for by the manager, after having another look in the back & couldn't find it,she came up with a solution that they sell them in ilKeston & that is where she lived, so she rang Ilkeston to make sure it was in stock & said she would put it in her car & bring it to her store for me to pick up the next day. I received a phone call from her at 9:44 to say that it was here & ready. So off yet again to the store, whilst they were putting it in the back of my car i asked why the packaging was all ripped, she replied ( because she had undone to check that everything was all there as she didn't want me spending another journey coming back to the STORE) I paid for the item & went home, as I got the trailer out of the car & placed on the floor to assemble there was only 3 sides so one was clearly missing. I then rang up the store to be told she might be able to get me one for tomorrow, she never even asked which panel was missing, by this time my blood was begining to boil, I asked if there was chance of her getting a trailer pre assembled to the store by the close of Saturday, she replied you will have to pay to have it assembled & there was no-one qualified to do that over the weekend,so I asked for the number to head office in which she gave me a number saying it was customer service . I rang the number & waited 40 minutes to be answered. I explained all the stress I had gone through to purchase a trailer, his reply was what out come was I wanting, he put me on hold while he rang ilkEston store,he came back to me & said the trailers on the for court are made up just for display & no one was there over the weekend to assembly a trailer, he then rang nuthall store & spoke to the person that had dealt with us, he came back to me & said the person had gone home & wasnt back till Monday, which I replied how could she get me the missing panel from Ilkeston & bring it to her store for me to pick up on Saturday if she wasn't in over the weekend I also told him that she was qualified to assembly them as she told me that was her job at ilkeston,he asked again what out come did i want, I said a assembled trailer at the nuthall store ready to drive away, he replied I can't do that, I asked for head office number & he replied I am head office to which I just exploded.I took the trailer back to the store and asked for a refund.even the staff couldn't believe what I had gone through just to buy a trailer.I am disgusted the way you treat customers,I needed the trailer to put my scooter in as I'm disabled and going away on Monday a big thank you and your staff for ruining my holiday

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