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John's complaint against Forces War Records

John Coleman


[LAPSED] subscriptions taken after cancellation

Complaint against Forces War Records

my complaint is much the same as everyone else here. I cancelled my subscription but surprise surprise they have no record of me doing this or receiving an email through their site which I sent informing them of the problem. They did reply to the second email as I cancelled the subscription AGAIN! However they completely dismissed my request for a refund even though they can clearly see that I had not logged on to the site during this time! Yes I understand that checking my bank statement is my responsibility but I also think when you have a clear case of someone not using their service they should at least make some sort of offer if for nothing more than customer satisfaction and if they had done so I would not be writing this now!

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Lapsed. John has not responded in 90 days

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Ann Smith | | VERIFIED

Our payment page does make it clear that the Monthly Membership renews Monthly until you decide to stop. The auto renew setting can be switched off at any time in the Profile area or by contacting Customer Support who can assist with this.
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