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Sian's complaint against viagogo

Sian Brown


Money taken unauthorized and no response from Viagogo

Complaint against viagogo

I can see that it does state I will be charged for the tickets however it says if this was not confirmed within 48 hours and I cancel the sale then I will only be charged the £20 admin fee, which is exactly what I did, I even had the email back from them confirming I cancelled the sale. I have tried to contact them several times every single day since they took the payment out of my account and I am getting no where. I contacted Citizens Advice and got a address to write to them to which my letter was returned to me yesterday as they are no longer at the address. I listed some tickets on Viagogo and then once I got the email to confirm the sale I went to upload my tickets and realised my order was not confirmed with the O2 and I had no tickets, as per the instruction I did not confirm this and I emailed them straight away to say I had no tickets. From the time of me listing the tickets and to date there are still a very large amount of tickets onlline on they match the lines I listed. These were for Adele at 02 Wednesday 28th June 2017 2 x standing tickets. I have contacted Viagogo numerous times as you can see on my emails and the last I got was that they were going to source tickets elsewhere in December for the buyer and I would only be charged if they didnt find any. I dipsuted this at the time as I said I did contact you in the 48 hours to confirm I had no tickets longer to sell which was on ther email. I have attached all screen shots from my phone to the this email. I have gone back to Viagogo as you can see 3 times since Thursday when they took the funds from my account and I am yet to hear from them and contacted them via twitter to try and get a response and got no where. This is causing me a lot of stress and I do not believe they should have taken the funds. All of my emails to the orders and customer service address are failing and being returned to me. I am in a situation now where I am stuck I am doing everything I can to contact them and getting no where, to which I even noticed Viagogo on the One Show last night regarding matters like this where they charging people incorrectly! I can not afford to loose over £200, I totally agree to pay the £20 admin fee per ticket it states on my first email which I did sent you but I do not agree with being charged what I have. Can you please re look at this and do what you can I am totally stuck and do not agree with this.

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