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Joe's complaint against viagogo

Joe Sweeny


Not paying me for sold ticket

Complaint against viagogo

I listed 5 tickets for the Grand National and selected the option to allow the tickets to be sold individually. The tickets sold 2 first then 2 again and the last 1 was purchased on it's own, I uploaded all 5 etickets together when listing without issue. I've been informed that the singular ticket was denied entry to the venue. I was asked to upload my booking confirmation and the tickets again which i did only to be told the investigation has taken place and confirmed the customer could not gain access and hereby not paying me what I'm owed. The other 4 tickets had no issues at all. I'm baffled as to why the buck lands with me and cannot understand how someone has proved they could not enter over my providing all the details required. The email customer support has stopped replying, Twitter doesn't reply anymore and the telephone customer support is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Does anyone know where I can escalate this issue? It feels like daylight robbery without a thing I can do about it and to add insult to injury I receive another email telling me they are charging £26.99 penalty for not fulfilling the order. It's completely disgusting how they are acting.

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