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Lucinda's complaint against viagogo

Lucinda Carveth


Unauthorised payment taken by Viagogo

Complaint against viagogo

Good morning, I write concerning a latest glitch with viagogo website It is only now as I research I find the amount of astonishing corrupt trading happening from this website.I was previously unaware how this website worked and in a google search came across this as an option for buying Ed Sheeran tickets. We have now found ourselves in a position like many others in the past. Including earlier this year. Tickets to Ed Shereen's tour next year have been transacted without authorisation of the final amount. We believed we were paying £197 for two tickets having followed each of their pages and noting the limited information provided. It transpired only once the payment was taken this was now a final figure of £526. They came to this figure by each ticket at £197, plus £130 booking fee and delivery costs. None of this was disclosed until payment was taken. No final review. Concerning now also is that these resold tickets which is incredible when ticket sales only started 20 mins previously to the purchase may not be accepted at all as I read Ed Sheeran says no to resale tickets except through fan to fan resale site. It was also astounding that without us realising we had a different delivery address to the one that the card was registered to and there were no security measures to prevent this unlike other websites. This is concerning if a stolen card is used. We have written several times explaining the glitch they had and that I'm now aware this is not the first time this has occurred. Also that previously they have made refunds. They refuse to acknowledge any issue and I am sure we are not the only ones again. We even have screen shots to help back up our complaint We have spoken with the credit card company and continue to fight for our money back from viagogo but are receiving a challenging and difficult response from Viagogo We hope you can give us any extra advice or support and hope you can help make the public aware that this is happening yet again Kind Regards Lucinda

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