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paul's complaint against Brabantia

paul Williams


not so grand,room,food,attitude.

Complaint against Brabantia

I booked by phone on the 26th April for 2 nights=B+B,evening meal,sea view,shower,parking for the 30th to 2nd May,we arrived at 1 Saturday afternoon,I parked outside the hotel in the loading bay we went to reception,the young man told me because it was a weekend there was no sea view,and he gave me a map and discount ticket for the NCP car park in the middle of town,he gave me room 533,we went to the room and there was no sea view and there was no shower ,I went back to reception,and told the young man,he gave me room number 601,I went to the room it had no sea view it did have a shower but the room hadn't been cleaned from the last people,I went back to the reception and told the young man it hadn't been cleaned,he started to phone the cleaning team,I asked him to get me a room first,he gave me room 626,I went to the room it had a whirl pool bath with a shower and guess what it had a SEA VIEW !.i went and got my partner from the 1st room we repacked and went to the room,when my partner inspected the bed it smelt of dogs,the cleaning trolley was out side so I striped the bed and changed it,I went down stairs to the car and tuck it to the car park in town it was full,I had to wait 20 minuets to park,we went for dinner at about 7 in the evening ,a middle aged lady booked us in to the restaurant,I had soup it was hot,I then went for my main,I got pork,peas,potatoes and gravy,I put my meal on the table and went to the bar for a drink,the lady was booking in people for food,there was no one at the bar,when she had finished she asked me what drink I would like I said Guinness,she told me to go to the main bar,I went back for my meal it was cold,I asked her if there was a microwave,she said the GRAND doesn't have microwaves,I gave the meal to a young woman,and got some more pork,peas,the potatoes were cold,I asked for some fresh one of the chefs went for some,after some time I put some gravy on the meat and went to the table,on Sunday I went to the reception and saw the young man and told him I wanted a refund for 2 meals for that day,he asked why so I told him,that night my partner ran the bath,when it was full,she asked how to put on the whirl pool,I told her the switch on the wall,she put it n on and all the switches fused,I was watching the snooker at the time,I reset the switch but left off the whirl pool,Also the hotel didn't advertise that the GRAND is a hotel for dogs,they were everywhere and you have to be out of your room at 10 in the morning for the CLEANERs!our first break of the year ruined.

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