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Winston's complaint against GoPro

Winston Dwyer


Lost Karma Drone

Complaint against GoPro

While on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales, I launched my GoPro Karma Drone to take some pictures. The preflight procedure was performed and I launched as I had done many times before; the Karma immediately launched and began to travel at 37 mph towards an adjoining field and the camera feed was lost; I tried to contact the Karma from the controller with no response, I centered the joysticks by releaseing them, with no change or deviation from its chosen course, I tried to land, again no response. I continued to try and communicate with the device until it was no longer in sight, traveling away from me. The message stating that it had lost signal was on the screen, this would normally initiate a land in location command, which it did not respond to. The details on the screen suggested that I had eight minutes flight time remaining, was 10 feet away and 265 ft in the air. This were the last contact with the Karma drone. An extensive search of the area where it was last seen was carried out on foot, trying to locate the final resting place with no success. The loss included Karma Drone and GoPro Hero 5 Black camera, a total cost of about £1200. The purchase was made in March 2017 for both Karma and camera (GoPro Hero 5 Black). I registerd both devices with GoPro at the time of purchase. I have tried to contact GoPro who (without looking at the flight log) suggested user error. The eventual consideration from the flight log was simply interpreted to say that the controller could communicate with the Karma for most of its flight, Therefore unable to assist any further. Case closed. I feel agrieved that GoPro would dismiss the whole event to user error when the normal safety features of the device did not activate.

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